Since 2015, Art services from SGS deliver reliable and independent scientific analyses and condition reports for artworks and cultural objects to investors, collectors, museums, galleries and transportation companies.

Works of art are complex objects that can deteriorate or be damaged over time. When a collector buys an artwork or lends it to an exhibition, he needs to know about its state of conservation, potential degradation phenomena and actions to prevent them, previous restoration treatments, etc. All these factors have a strong influence on the future preservation of the object and, of course, on its value.

For all these needs, SGS has developed dedicated condition reporting solutions, as well as technical and analytical services. These reports are crucial tools for conservation monitoring as well as for authentication purposes. With a base in the Geneva Freeport, SGS is the only service provider in this category with a global footprint, allowing us to trace the identity and monitor the state of conservation of artworks during international transactions or logistical operations.

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, employing more than 85,000 people and operating from 1,800 laboratories and offices in 170 countries. We are active in most business and industrial sectors.


Summer Special

Celebrating summer, SGS is pleased to offer a 30% discount to all Natural Le Coultre clients’ network for all services related to art for orders placed between June 21, and September 21, 2016.