Although the latest statistics released by Geneva police indicate a drop in burglaries during 2016, the summer period (much like the year-end festive season) is still a favourite time for breaks-in and thefts. In comparison with other cantons, Geneva continues to rank highly in the hall of shame, owing to its convenient motorway connections and border location – which makes it harder for police to track criminals.

Homeowners must protect themselves, but how exactly? When you are on holiday or travelling for any other extended engagement, giving the impression of being at home is a tough task, especially since well-organised criminal gangs are good at spotting unoccupied residences. An alarm is a good solution as this will deter burglars and alert private security firms, or sometimes even the local police force, in the event of a break-in.

However, if you own a valuable work of art or simply do not want to chance a burglary while on holiday, you may want to consider safe storage in one of our warehouses. Simply call us on +41 22 731 87 17 or send an email to for a custom-tailored offer.

Franco Momente, Managing Director
Fine Art Transports Natural Le Coultre, Geneva